HSE & Corporate Governance

We believe that our ability to create long-term, lasting value rests on maintaining high standards of governance, sustainable business practices and operations.

HSE management is critical in the oil and gas industry where operations can have a profound impact on the environment, communities and workforce. The consideration of HSE and governance issues is thus of strategic importance and a pre-requisite for our stakeholders. We honour that by integrating technical, economic and HSE considerations into our decision making and operational processes to achieve long-term sustainability of the business and to reduce risk.

Our management system incorporates all of these aspects in one integrated system, defining the business processes, roles and responsibilities, control mechanisms and improvement loops to enhance our team’s ability to achieve our strategic objectives and create sustainable value for all stakeholders.

The management system is a key component of our governance model, which incorporates activities at the shareholder and market level, the Board level and the management level.

An active and reliable partner

Pandion Energy aims to be recognised as an active and reliable partner. Together with our investor we seek high standards of performance and professionalism founded on honesty, integrity and fairness in our business practices. We work together with partners and contractors based on the same principles of integrity and fairness with zero tolerance for bribery and corruption.

Pandion Energy is committed to an open and transparent communication with our partners, regulatory authorities and all stakeholders, through promoting proactive dialogue and seek honest feedback on all our activities.

We place great importance on ensuring that operations we take part in are safe for the people involved and aim to minimise the impact on the environment. We constantly strive to manage HSE risk by understanding what can go wrong, minimising the possibility of it occurring and reducing the potential consequences. Effective management of HSE risk is about embedding HSE practices into the company’s culture and operating procedures.