The 6507/5-11 Slagugle appraisal well was drilled in PL891 in the Norwegian Sea, about 22 km northeast of the Heidrun field and 0.75 km south-southeast of the discovery well. The preliminary evaluation of the newly collected data in the well constrains the recoverable hydrocarbon volume of the main segment to 6–13MSm3 (35–80mmboe).

Analysis of the newly collected data will inform on options for future appraisal and potential development. Pandion Energy holds a 20 per cent interest in in PL891, where ConocoPhillips is the operator (80 per cent). The main objectives of the appraisal well were to narrow oil in place and recoverable hydrocarbon volume estimates for pay intervals encountered in the discovery well 6507/5-10 S.

The well 6507/5-11 was spud on March 8th, 2022. TD (2272.92 m TVDSS) was safely reached on March 30th, 2022. Extensive data acquisition was carried out, including LWD, wireline, formation pressure, fluid samples and dynamic interference testing utilizing pressure gauges installed in the discovery well 6507/5-10 S.

The 6507/5-11 well encountered wet Jurassic and Triassic sands in the Åre formation and Grey Beds, with a total of 130 m of net good reservoir properties in several vertically separated pressure zones.

Three injectivity tests were conducted in the Åre and Grey Beds formations. Good injectivity in high permeability intervals was observed in all zones with a target rate of around 1000 Sm3/day for each injection test. The injection tests interpretation supports good connectivity of the Grey Beds reservoir with the updip pay in the discovery well 6507/5-10 S.

VP Exploration and Appraisal at Pandion Energy, Bente Flakstad Vold, stated the following:

We see multiple exploration opportunities in the Slagugle area which we expect will add to the resources confirmed by this appraisal well. We now look forward to continuing our close cooperation with the operator and contribute to maturing and potentially developing the resources in the area.

For further information see press release from the Norwegian Petroleum Directorate: Delineation of oil discovery 6507/5-10 S (Slagugle) northeast of the Heidrun field in the Norwegian Sea – 6507/5-11 (