We believe that our ability to create long-term, lasting value rests on maintaining high standards of governance, sustainable business practices and operations.

Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) is of paramount importance to Pandion Energy. The Company operates in the oil and gas industry where operations can have a profound impact on the environment, communities and workforce. The consideration of HSE is thus of strategic importance and a prerequisite for the Company and our stakeholders.

Pandion Energy has established a comprehensive HSE management system, requiring competent employees and contractors to deliver compliant operations through rigorous planning and execution, as well as being a system for effective risk management.

Corporate Governance

Technical, economic and HSE considerations are an integrated part of our decision-making and operational processes to achieve long-term sustainability of the business and to reduce risk. We constantly strive to manage the HSE risks by understanding what can go wrong, and thereby minimising the possibility of it occurring, and reducing the potential consequences. Effective management of the HSE risks is about embedding the HSE practices into our company’s culture and operating procedures.

The management system is a key component of our governance model, which incorporates activities at the shareholder and market level, the Board level and the management level.