Human rights, due diligence and transparency

Pandion Energy is committed to the protection of internationally recognised human rights and fair and ethical work practices. We have zero tolerance of modern slavery and child labour in any parts of our business and supply chain.

All workers must be ensured safe, secure and healthy working conditions, including working hours, as well as wages and benefits that meet or exceed national legal standards. The workplace must be free from any form of harsh or inhumane treatment. All applicable laws and regulations on the above-mentioned issues must be complied with. Our position on human rights and decent working conditions is covered in the Code of Conduct.

A risk-based approach

Pandion Energy operates in a low-risk environment for human rights abuse, since all assets are located in Norway. Furthermore, the majority of the subcontractors and vendors providing goods and services to assets are also based in Norway or in other low-risk countries. However, we are aware of potential human and labour rights risks that may occur in some parts of the industry and further down the supply chains. We therefore take a risk-based approach when considering potential human rights issues related to material contracts under the joint operating agreements. A risk-based approach is always considered related to new investment opportunities, and for purchases of material goods or services.

Suppliers and business partners

Pandion Energy expects all business partners and suppliers to comply with applicable laws, respect internationally recognised human rights, and adhere to the ethical standards outlined in the Pandion Energy Code of Conduct, when conducting business with or on behalf of the company.

Further, Pandion Energy seeks to monitor the activities and performance of its business partners in line with the assessed risk to secure compliance with the Code of Conduct. Third-party due diligence of business partners, suppliers or counterparties will be performed where appropriate.

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