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VALHALL & HOD FIELDS  –  PL 006 B, PL 033, PL 033 B

Location:North Sea

Block(s):2/8, 2/11

Pandion Energy interest:10%

Operator:Aker BP ASA (90%)

Other partners:-

Discovered:Valhall 1975, Hod 1974

Production start:Valhall 1982, Hod 1990

License period:2028

Reservoir rock:Chalk

Since the production commenced in 1982, the Valhall field continues to be one of the largest oil fields in the southern Norwegian North Sea. In January 2017, the Valhall and Hod fields had produced more than one billion barrels of oil equivalents. This is more than three times the initial expected volume. Aker BP, the operator of the Valhall and Hod fields, has stated an ambition to produce an additional billion barrels of oil equivalents from the area.

Valhall consists of a field centre with six platforms and two unmanned flank platforms. The field is located in 70 metres of water. Hod is tied back and remotely operated from Valhall.

Liquids are routed via pipeline to Ekofisk and further to Teesside in the UK. Gas is sent via Norpipe to Emden in Germany.

For more information on Valhall (NPD)

For more information on Hod (NPD)


Location:North Sea


Pandion Energy interest:20%

Operator:Neptune Energy Norge AS (30%)

Other partners:Idemitsu Petroleum Norge AS (30%)

Wellesley Petroleum AS (20%)

Awarded:03.02.2012, APA 2011


Area:281 km2

PL 820 S

Location:North Sea

Block(s):25/7, 25/8

Pandion Energy interest:10%

Operator:MOL Norge AS (40%)

Other partners:Lundin Norway AS (30%)

Awarded:05.02.2016, APA 2015

Area:47,5 km2

PL 842

Location:Norwegian Sea

Block(s):6608/10, 6608/11, 6608/12

Pandion Energy interest:30%

Operator:Capricorn Norge AS (40%)

Other partners:Skagen 44 AS (30%)

Awarded:05.02.2016, APA 2015

Area:425 km2

PL 912

Location:North Sea

Block(s):16/4, 16/5, 16/7

Pandion Energy interest:30%

Operator:ConocoPhillips Skandinavia AS (40%)

Other partners:Vår Energi AS (30%)

Awarded:02.03.2018, APA 2017

Area:298 km2

PL 929

Location:North Sea

Block(s):35/6, 36/4

Pandion Energy interest:20%

Operator:Neptune Energy Norge AS (40%)

Other partners:DEA Norge AS (20%)

DNO Norge AS (20%)

Awarded:02.03.2018, APA 2017

Area:286 km2

PL 985

Location:North Sea

Block(s):25/5, 25/6, 25/8, 25/9

Pandion Energy interest:20%

Operator:Vår Energi AS (40%)

Other partners:Petoro AS (20%)

Aker BP ASA (20%)

Awarded:01.03.2019, APA 2018

Area:503 km2